Are you a good witch or a bad witch? In order to be a good witch, one must:

  1. Cultivate a love for the Earth, the Universe and all it’s beings, creatures, lands, oceans, waterbodies, and environment. This love must contain the good, the bad and the ugly.
  2. Be willing to help, in anyway you see fit. This may include caring for other humans and/or beasts, planting a garden, practicing living in balance with the Earth, making eye contact. Putting down the phone is a start. (You know who you are. 😉) If everyone does just a little, that love will radiate, helping to connect us. Caring about something other than ourselves is a big deal.
  3. Strive to be an example of the goodness Mother Earth blesses us with. Not to be perfect, because that is much too hard and a fair waste of time. Just be decent. Say you’re sorry. Be the one to make the peace. Share what you have; your talent, treasure, or affection. Do not emotionally impoverish yourself ever. Open yourself to receive.
  4. Approach each day as an opportunity to do better. I promise, you will feel the Universe smiling. Remember, troubles befall us all. During those times, make #4 a priority.
  5. Keep learning. Be curious. Life on our planet is rich. You can start this at anytime, but sooner is best. You will sense the vibration of this experience and you will be energized.
  6. Respect your physical condition. Be careful to promote balance and not excess. Magic can only be created by beings who are well, able and relatively sane. If you are struck by illness, continue to do all you can. “Thank you” always makes everyone feel special. Even the smallest efforts matter. Don’t forget that you matter, too.
  7. Try to gain an understanding and acceptance of our limited time in this physical realm. Celebrate the potential for our next selves. If you live with this understanding, when death comes for you or your loved ones, you will better be prepared to bring positive energies to this sad time. A life well lived is much more important than death. Do this now.

And that’s about it…

So, be a good witch. I dare you:).

One Tin Solider by Skeeter Davis
(Title credit to One Tin Solider lyric. I sang this in 6th grade chorus at Timonium Elementary School. Forever changed…)