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The Yellow Boots

I am fortunate my mother spent a lot of time documenting my outfits, while at the same time, caring very little about what she herself was wearing. Nonetheless, I have a hefty photo album filled with little Kimmy festooned in the height of fashion from 1964 to about 1976. These were times of incredible change and it is amazing to see my mother go from Kennedy era hats (even though Jackie didn’t wear them) to pure polyester leisure suits.

My yellow boots were the first time I remember being totally obsessed with a pair of shoes. As some of you know, this is a problem that has become part of my charm. I spotted these boot in Hutzlers, which was our favorite department store in Towson, Maryland. I thought they were go-go boots like the girls wore on Laugh-In. When the sales lady brought out the box, they were French! Even as a 6 year old girl, I knew that French yellow boots mattered! I had to have them. My mother said we’d think about it and I cried like I’d lost my best friend, all the way home in our white station wagon.

Christmas morning 1970, I found them under the tree. I remember thinking I was about the grooviest girl on the planet in those darn yellow boots. Truth be told, we can all see they look like rain boots, but I had no concept of this fact. The only thing that mattered was they were French and they were mine.




i lost my map to the crossroad
maybe i don’t need it anymore
who needs a map
change direction

I bought a ring on my 48th birthday. I was at a crossroad, ending one phase of life, beginning another. Now, two years later,  that phase is done and strangely, the ring is gone. Taking it off in an airport, I thought it went into the ziplock bag with my other bobbles. When I opened up the bag, everything was there but this ring. Did my mind choose to ignore that it fell to the ground? Was it spirited away?

I really didn’t need to be reminded of that crossroad, that burden. The memory attached to the ring was painful. Maybe it needed to go and become something for someone else, so that both I and the ring, could be free and open to whatever comes next.

Then, I bought a new ring because I am a creature of habit.

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