i lost my map to the crossroad
maybe i don’t need it anymore
who needs a map
change direction

I bought a ring on my 48th birthday. I was at a crossroad, ending one phase of life, beginning another. Now, two years later,  that phase is done and strangely, the ring is gone. Taking it off in an airport, I thought it went into the ziplock bag with my other bobbles. When I opened up the bag, everything was there but this ring. Did my mind choose to ignore that it fell to the ground? Was it spirited away?

I really didn’t need to be reminded of that crossroad, that burden. The memory attached to the ring was painful. Maybe it needed to go and become something for someone else, so that both I and the ring, could be free and open to whatever comes next.

Then, I bought a new ring because I am a creature of habit.